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Springfield Show & Shine

(formally, the Springfield Cruz)

I wanted to sit down and take a moment to let you all know where we stand on this years show. In the past year our lives have changed. I have started a full time job and Jeff is busy with his job and other home projects, and we love babysitting our Grandson. EuGina has a new full time job requiring her to work weekends and Stephen is busy most weekends with drag racing his quad. This all compounded, leaves us with very little time to dedicate to organizing and running the Springfield Show & Shine.

We sat down as a family recently and discussed the car show and other parts of our lives. At this time, we feel it is right to step away from the Springfield Show and Shine. We do not take this decision lightly, this was not a snap decision. It came with months of soul searching and conversations as a family.
It has been a long road to this point. We started this journey in 1998….17 years of love and dedication to this event. We have made many friends and hope to continue those friendships after this is all done. We understand that many supporters count on us and will be disappointed and perhaps angry with us for our decision. We respect your feelings and we are very sorry. But we also ask that you understand and respect our position and our feelings. It’s time for us to step away, it’s time for us to pursue other interests.

We would like to thank ALL of our participants over the years. You all made this incredibly fun for our family (we hope we made it fun for you). Please continue to support all of our sponsors, as they helped make the last 17 years possible.
*Also, there is talk that there is a new Springfield “Cruise”…and we just found out they’re having a Show & Shine as well as a Cruise, so please support them.

Jeff and I will continue our love of cars – as we are promoting 3 Car Show / Show & Shines in Woodburn, Oregon at the Woodburn Dragstrip.  They are ….. “Battle of Detroit” on Saturday, June 18th, “Mopar Nationals” on Sunday, July 24th, and “Ford Fever” on Saturday, August 27th.  Hope to see you at one of those shows.

Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts!

Jeff, EuGina, Tami, Stephen (& Bryan too)

J.E.T.S Promotions, Inc.